Titanium has five common isotopes

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Sep 05, 2017 · The element rhenium (Re) has two naturally occurring isotopes, 185Re and 187Re, with an average atomic mass of 186.207 amu. Rhenium is 62.60% 187Re, and the atomic mass of 187Re is 186.956 amu. Calculate the mass of 185Re. am i . Chemistry. On another planet, the isotopes of titanium have the following natural abundances.

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The element dissolves in concentrated acids and forms a number of compounds, including halides, carbides, nitrides, sulfides, oxides, and others. Titanium dioxide occurs in 3 polymorphs, rutile, brookite, and anatase. Five stable isotopes have been identified – Ti-48, Ti-50, Ti-49, Ti-47, and Ti-46.

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Titanium has five common isotopes. You want to know what the average atomic mass of titanium is if the abundance of 46Ti is (8.0%), the abundance of 47Ti is (7.8%), the abundance of 48Ti is (73.4%), the abundance of 49Ti is (5.5%), and the abundance of 50Ti is (5.3%).Titanium - Titanium - Compounds: In its compounds, titanium exhibits oxidation states of +2, +3, and +4, as in the oxygen compounds titanium monoxide, TiO, dititanium trioxide, Ti2O3, and titanium dioxide, TiO2, respectively. The +4 oxidation state is the most stable. The chemistry of titanium in the +2 state is rather restricted. By contrast, many compounds are formed by titanium in the +3 ...

Oxygen is composed of 8 protons, and in its most common form with 8 neutrons, giving it an atomic weight of 16 (16 O) -- this is know as a "light" oxygen. It is called "light" because a small fraction of oxygen atoms have 2 extra neutrons and a resulting atomic weight of 18 ( 18 O), which is then known as "heavy" oxygen. (iv) Naturally occurring boron exists as two isotopes with mass numbers of 10 and 11. Calculate the percentage abundance of the lighter isotope, using this information and the relative atomic mass of boron in Table 5 of the Data Booklet. v) Lithium exists as two isotopes with mass numbers of 6 and 7. Deduce the number of protons, electrons and ...